Do you or your children need to start or improve your French either for schooling, career or simply to make your time in France more enjoyable? We will be happy to set up a flexible course that will meet your needs, whether you wish to:

·         be able to speak french with your ski instructor.
·         discover French culture.
·         improve your grammar and pronunciation.
Our lessons, in groups of 4 to 8 people, are offered in a friendly atmosphere.   

About Our Courses

* Our lessons are tailor-made to the needs of the students and relevant to their level and objectives.
* Our teaching is focused on improving your general linguistic communication skills.
* Our goal is to help you practicing what your learnt in live conversations and practical tasks.

6 Good Reasons For Learning French:

1/ French is along with English, the only language spoken on five continents.

2/ Learning one language is not enough.

3/ A career asset.

4/ An introduction to an incomparable cultural universe.

5/ Visting Paris, the rest of France but also Canada, Africa, Switzerland, Seychelles....

6/ It is the language of international relations.

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